Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grădiniţa, part 2: the American way

La www.lovingyourchild.com zice frumos de distincţia între pedeapsă şi consecinţe, între motivare şi recompensă, despre responsabilizarea copilului... Chestiile astea care sună bine în engleză şi apoi, după ce le-ai citit, te gândeşti: OK, dar are 5 ani. Ce-i de făcut?
First, it’s important to correctly identify the problem. Problem-solving skills require problem-identifying skills. 
Secondly, parents need to decide what motivational tools they can use to reward kids who get out of bed on time consistently, which to me says that they solved the problem of getting out of bed successfully. And third, don’t be afraid to use and enforce consequences and limits.
There are consequences to not meeting responsibilities in the world, and that should start when you’re a child. And the difference between punishment and consequences needs to be understood by parents in order for them both to be used effectively.

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